Protein – Abbots Butcher


We believe in crafting foods that nourish and fuel your body.


Our premium plant-based meats have the deep, rich flavor that you crave. And we achieve this taste using only vegetables, herbs, spices, juices, and other high quality ingredients. So whether you're already plant-based, or just looking to change things up - this is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite dishes.


We believe that food should not only taste delicious, but should positively impact your well being and vitality. That’s why we put wholesome goodness into every single one of our plant-based meats, helping you take care of your heart, your body, and your overall health - so you can get out there and change the world!


Did you know that a plant-based diet is the most effective way to combat global warming? By swapping out animal-based proteins for plant-based proteins, you can reduce your global footprint by a staggering 94%, conserving precious resources. Let's all do what we can to help preserve this beautiful world.


We live by a simple rule — choose compassion and kindness. That means every single one of our products is crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients. No meat. No dairy. No eggs. Because it’s about reverence for life, the rejection of violence, and the cultivation of compassion towards those without a choice.